2019 All-NBA Predictions – Review

Last month, I wrote my first blog post predicting this season’s All-NBA teams using an ordinal response regression model. I trained my model on NBA data from the 1980-2018 NBA seasons using data from basketball-reference.com. Using only player stats, I knew my model would miss two key areas that NBA voters would notice: health andContinue reading “2019 All-NBA Predictions – Review”

Tiers Methodology

I wanted a quick post to clarify how I came up with my tiers from my previous posts. I used a k-means clustering method with k = 4 for RBs and WRs and k = 5 for QBs. These values of k were the smallest that achieved a ratio of between cluster sum of squaresContinue reading “Tiers Methodology”

Husker Quarterback Tiers 1998-2018

Nebraska QB Tiers since 1998 When I first started this project, I expected the results of my cluster analysis to result in play style groupings. Instead, players grouped together in tiers of quality. In a previous post, I discussed the different groups of QBs based on each cluster name. Here, I would like to updateContinue reading “Husker Quarterback Tiers 1998-2018”

Husker Wide Receiver Tiers

Husker Wide Receiver Tiers I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that the WR at Nebraska has never been very impactful. In the last 20 years, the Huskers have only had one player qualify as a tier 1 WR – Stanley Morgan in 2017. Mike Riley’s offensive system had the best success forContinue reading “Husker Wide Receiver Tiers”

Husker Rushing Tiers

Husker Rushing Tiers Its been a long four years for “Run the Ball” at Nebraska. Devine Ozigbo in 2018 provided some optimism for the Scott Frost offense to become Nebraska’s first Tier 2 rusher since Ameer Abdullah’s Tier 1 season in 2014. Nebraska’s top rusher throughout the Mike Riley era was Terrell Newby in 2016.Continue reading “Husker Rushing Tiers”

College Running Back Tiers

College Running Back Tiers Continuing my analysis of college football skill and talent groupings, I move onto running backs. Only players from the 1998-2018 seasons were considered for the analysis. I again used sports-reference.com as the source for my data. For a player to be included in its rushing leader list, the player needs 6.25Continue reading “College Running Back Tiers”

The Five Types of College Quarterbacks

The Five Types of College Quarterbacks Recruiting sites divide quarterbacks into two groups: Pro Style and Dual Threat. These groupings have worked well in older eras of college football. A dual threat QB would run the option offense while a pro style QB would be destined to the NFL. However, Baker Mayfield and Kyler MurrayContinue reading “The Five Types of College Quarterbacks”

2019 All-NBA Predictions

Now that things have quieted down for Nebraska athletics (save for spring practice and the Fred Hoiberg hire), I want to focus some energy on sports statistics in other areas. Inspired by an article from The Ringer, I wanted to take a stab at predicting the 2018-19 All-NBA teams. I fit an ordinal response regression modelContinue reading “2019 All-NBA Predictions”