A Moral Victory that Might Actually Matter: Nebraska-Michigan Preview

Well, the hopes of a bowl game are back on the table, but now comes the toughest challenge Matt Rhule has faced as a coach. Reigning Big Ten champ Michigan comes to Lincoln. Michigan has one of the best combinations of QB-RB-WR in the Big Ten having the league leader in touchdowns in each category.Continue reading “A Moral Victory that Might Actually Matter: Nebraska-Michigan Preview”

Nebraska vs North Dakota Recap

If you had an inconsiderate friend schedule a wedding for Saturday and you missed the game, you might be pleased with the final box score. A 21-point win with three rushing touchdowns plus another two touchdowns caught from the tight end unit that was missing Travis Vokolek. But with 11 minutes left in the game,Continue reading “Nebraska vs North Dakota Recap”

Nebraska vs Northwestern Recap

I wrote in my preseason preview about all the new faces around the offense. Despite the new players, the game looked the same. QB Casey Thompson moved the ball well down the field, but the potential game-winning drive ended in a turnover. The offensive line struggled. A bad call by the refs hurt the psycheContinue reading “Nebraska vs Northwestern Recap”