Most Exciting Games of the Last Ten Years – Week 6

When the Big Ten decided to shut down its 2020 fall sports season, my friends and I wanted a way to still have a have a sample of Big Ten football since we couldn’t have the real thing. The idea we had was to “simulate” the 2020 season using historic games. To pick the game each week, I used the Big Ten’s August schedule release to get weekly matchups. I then used the Excitement Index from to find the most exciting game between those teams in the last decade. I’ve been posting links to game videos (full game, one hour, highlights) for each historic matchup to the Big Ten subreddit. I’ll keep this going even after the real season kicks as a way to relive your program’s best (and maybe worse) moments of the last ten years.

2015 Illinois at Iowa:

2013 Minnesota at Indiana:

2012 Nebraska at Ohio State:

2018 Wisconsin at Purdue:

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